i swear these knees aren’t mine

i am convinced that i am far to young to have aching knees… even though they remind me otherwise.  granted the leg press at the gym, the cement floor at work, and endless hours of standing at work don’t help… i still try to help those little guys out.  i baby them by using the elliptical instead of running outside, and i even go to yoga to keep my legs flexible, so that i don’t add extra strain.  … all that in mind.  life happens and i’m not about to quit my job or start popping prescription pills… i am still under the impression that i am far too young for all that… and from what i have seen… it is an extremely slippery slope.  my mother, the PT still insists that rest is not exactly the answer either.  there is apparently a happy medium, where you climb stairs and move your knees to keep putting weight on them, and keep them lubricated, but you are not hitting them with high impact or overuse injury… sounds like most joints to me.  at any rate, i am also not going to give up the gym – my happy place.

i decided i was going to have my cake and eat it too – even if i have to have it with caveats … this lead me to my gateway drug of USANA … i know – drugs!?!? it’s not actually a drug but a pharmaceutical grade supplement combining the active components of turmeric and glucosamine – i’m sure you’ve heard of turmeric for joint pain/arthritis.

i am happy to say that the results spoke for themselves.  the bad news? just like most anti-inflammatories…. if you keep up the same activities (and i do) you have to keep taking it.  the good news – you can eat your cake and not feel the pain at the end of the day… keeping your knees better in the long run… preparing them for many more years to come – of whatever you decide to do with them!

keeping my knees alive and well….

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A little back story:  I discovered this supplement through a friend in the healthcare industry, and fell in love.  I fell So hard, that eventually I decided to sell the stuff!

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