Get the most out of your weights


Does this picture look familiar?? Are you not getting the results at the gym you should?

All i can think of when i see this picture is that children’s song…
“Ankle bone connected to the shin bone
Shin bone connected to the knee bone
Knee bone connected to the thigh bone
Thigh bone connected to the hip bone
Hip bone connected to the back bone”… you get the picture even if you don’t know the song…. This song is a great reminder for me that if you don’t stretch the lower legs, the quads and hamstrings suffer, and if you don’t stretch the thighs, the hips suffer… up up the back it goes…

my favorite solution? foam rolling!!!

now what does this have to do with weight lifting?  the greater your range of motion for your resistance training – the faster your results, and the more you engage all those little stabilizing muscles that pull everything into place (so you don’t have to say – that’s not where that goes!)

stretching / yoga / foam rolling are my favorite ways to cut recovery time, and keep my joints healthy while i destress with my favorite gym equipment
My favorite yoga class for stretching is Yin Yoga… it’s chill and great for runners… best of all it’s all about stretching!

Now go Hit the Gym!!

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